Overview of the Building Blocks

Take a look at each of the eight Building Blocks below to see how the kids we serve, you the volunteer, and the CASA organization all benefit from ongoing collaboration to build and strengthen these skills and behaviors.

Show Compassion for Families in Crisis

  • The child benefits from a friendly face who understands their challenges and can be a support in tough times.
  • The advocate benefits from new ways of seeing and perspective on what helping those most in need looks like.
  • SLO CASA benefits from less need to refocus advocates who have unrealistic expectations about a range of case outcomes.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

  • The child benefits from an advocate who can channel emotions in productive ways and bring heart to their advocacy.
  • The advocate benefits from an understanding that advocating for a child is emotional work and it’s OK to have feelings.
  • SLO CASA benefits from having resilient, emotionally- connected advocates who feel the love, can process disappointment, and are ready to volunteer again and again.

Be Consistent and Stay Current

  • The child benefits from a steady, reliable source of support and a person they can depend on.
  • The advocate benefits from skill building in organization, planning and time management. Satisfaction of developing a trusted bond.
  • SLO CASA benefits from having a continued strong reputation in the community and regular updates/information about a child’s wellbeing.

Communicate with the Team

  • The child benefits from more coordinated care from a team that understands their life circumstances.
  • The advocate benefits from opportunities to enhance communication and conflict resolution skills and meet a broad range of community members.
  • SLO CASA benefits from a more complete picture of how the child is doing and how the organization can provide support.

Adapt to the Landscape

  • The child benefits from the most appropriate services and care based on their current needs and status.
  • The advocate benefits from remaining a relevant team member who maximizes the assistance they offer their assigned child.
  • SLO CASA benefits from advocates who stay flexible and find creative ways to gain information and build relationships.

Advocate with Legal Smarts

  • The child benefits from a competent voice in the courtroom to share their wishes and advocate for their interests.
  • The advocate benefits from exposure to legal processes, arguments, and professionals. They also learn how to write with multiple audiences in mind.
  • SLO CASA benefits from improved court report writing with less need to edit or instruct on writing needs.

Know Your Limits

  • The child benefits from a role model who showcases healthy behaviors and boundaries.
  • The advocate benefits from experience in navigating complex relationships and responsibilities.
  • SLO CASA benefits from increased respect and trust from stakeholders in the case, along with a lower risk of advocate “burnout.”

Strive to Do Better & Learn More

  • The child benefits from a key support person who is constantly learning new ways they can help the child.
  • The advocate benefits from having an increased ability to help the child, and increased respect from other team members.
  • SLO CASA benefits from highly skilled advocates who need minimal supervision and support to do fantastic work.

Thank You!

CASA simply could not fulfill its mission of serving children in need without your tireless and dedicated support.

The Building Blocks & You

We encourage all of our advocates to put the Building Blocks in practice as they work through each of their cases. Your Advocate Supervisor can help you build and leverage these skills, and we’ll also provide regular in-service trainings that touch on one or more of the Building Blocks. 

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We are grateful for our sponsors & volunteers generosity and the relationships we have developed over the years


"I volunteer @ CASA because all children are deserving of love & safety." -Kelly


"I volunteer because our children can have better lives." -Jeri


"I volunteer because kids need a voice in a complicated system."

We need your help.  
All too often, the CASA volunteer is the only constant adult in the child’s life during a frightening, uncertain time of seemingly endless changes. This holiday season, you or your business can make a meaningful and lasting impact with a gift.